Nothing goes to waste.


Garbage – whether literally or figuratively speaking – is the end result of too many businesses. We at Welmu International are in the business of reducing that garbage, in both senses of the word. We develop alternative materials to fossil-based plastics to help sustain the environment for the future generations. The core of our business is making better use of our resources – money, energy, time, opportunities, food, arable land, forests, and the oceans. The driving force in all that we do is that Nothing Goes To Waste.

  • – Jaakko Kaminen,
  • CEO of Welmu International

Our wood based biowrap is the future of food packaging

  • Plastic waste produced by food packaging causes significant harm to the environment. While it has become too late to abandon the use of plastic completely, plastics can in many cases be replaced to eliminate waste. In Welmu International we are developing revolutionary wood-based material to replace the traditional plastic cling wrap, creating a more sustainable option for grocers and consumers everywhere.

Cling wrap, plastic wrap, food wrap, cling film – a product so generic we cannot even agree on what to call it. Yet, the annual global production volume of plastic wrap is millions of tons, and the demand is on the rise – world wide.

Cling wrap is petrochemical product, made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE). This very grade of plastic is currently filling our oceans, despite of the fact that LDPE is anything but environmentally friendly. At best, only a few percent of LDPE is recycled and flexible plastic packaging is often not accepted in recycling programs at all. Introducing an high-quality alternative to cling wrap is therefore nothing short of revolutionary.

We at Welmu International are developing environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Instead of LDPE, Welmu biowrap is composed of wood. It is made entirely out of renewable resources. Furthermore, Welmu biowrap can be produced using existing manufacturing processes and technology. Preserving food with wood-based cling film will be the new normal.

Benefits of our wood based biowrap

  • keeps food fresh and hygienic
  • helps to reduce food waste
  • made of 100% renewable resources
  • biodegradable
  • composed of wood – production doesn’t occupy arable land
  • can be produced using existing manufacturing processes and technology

Welmu International

  • Welmu International is a Finnish startup and a cleantech company on a mission to develop high-quality solutions to global environmental issues using renewable resources. Our specific focus is on difficult niche markets with significant scale-up opportunities – bringing business and positive environmental improvements together.

Interested in partnering or investing?

We at Welmu International believe that sustainable consumption is not a trend that only concerns a small group of environmentally conscious people. On the contrary, we consider responsible consumption to be mainstream. The innovators, manufacturers, and the distribution channel as a whole have a key role in introducing new ways of consuming and in transforming the consumer culture. If you share our passion and want to cooperate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


Jaakko Kaminen, CEO // +358 (0) 40 590 0035 // jaakko.kaminen@welmu.fi

Heikki Palosuo, Chairman of the Board // +358 (0) 40 589 0680 // heikki.palosuo@welmu.fi

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